The affordability of our country’s energy supply is in serious jeopardy. Our entire economy is based on an availability of cheap energy resources we can no longer anticipate and a level of excessive energy consumption we can no longer maintain.  

The U.S. Economy: We now import over 60% of the oil we consume, and therefore have little control over the price of one of the most important commodities that drives our economy.  To make matters worse, worldwide supply struggles to keep up with demand, driving up prices.

Our National Security: Billions and billions of dollars are spent yearly for military protection of national and global oil interests.  Our excessive reliance on oil drives our foreign policy in ways that create enemies and threaten our national security.

The Environment: Our over-reliance on fossil fuels pollutes the air we breathe and is a significant contributor to global warming, which endangers our natural and economic environment.

The greatest potential resource for meeting our national energy crisis is energy literacy. Why? Because in our democracy, government and industry can only act responsibly on our behalf when informed citizens empower government (with the political will) and industry (with consumer demand) to develop truly significant policies and energy solutions in support of a secure energy future.

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In his book Out of Gas, world-renowned physicist and energy expert David Goodstein sums up the scientific consensus: “Our way of life, firmly rooted in the myth of an endless supply of cheap oil, is about to come to an end.”  Lacking an adequate understanding of our energy crisis and therefore the political will to do what we must to resolve it, our democracy is asleep at the wheel.